Friday, July 27, 2007

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CIA, Scarborough, sabotage The CIA is working hard to overthrow a government: George W. Bush's. And he seems to be willing to let them.

The Democrats’ call for a special counsel to investigate Gonzales’ statements to Congress is, mostly, political puffery. The real problem in the Justice Department is not the firings of US attorneys. Ask yourself: why haven’t the leakers of the CIA secret prisons, the SWIFT program’s cooperation, and the NSA terrorist surveillance program been discovered and prosecuted?

We are at war. We cannot afford to have intelligence employees (or members of Congress) leaking our most closely-held secrets and benefiting the enemy. Nor can we afford intelligence agencies that aren’t providing the president the information he needs to make life-or-death decisions.

These leaks need to be investigated with all possible skill, urgency and care. If General Gonzales isn’t prepared to do that, the President should find someone who is. And the CIA, as broken as it is, needs to be fixed.


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