Friday, November 10, 2006

Max Boot: What a dash for the exits in Iraq would bring What a disaster. If Dems think they will be able to "solve this situation" as Pelosi put it they are even more delusional than the Reps who claimed we were winning.

Bad as the situation is today, it could get a lot worse if we simply pull out. The probable result might be labeled "civil war," but it would bear scant resemblance to our own Civil War. It wouldn't be two sides fighting one another; it would be a war of all against all. Iraq would probably degenerate into the kind of anarchy seen in Somalia and Afghanistan in the 1990s. As in those countries, the resulting backlash could produce an Islamist dictatorship that would threaten American interests. We would also be hurt by the perception that we are a "weak horse" (to quote Osama bin Laden) that can be driven out of a country by a few suicide bombers -- a perception sure to embolden terrorists.


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