Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kathleen Parker: De-feminizing torture I can't disagree with any of this. While Gitmo isn't the gulag there have been some things apparently done there that don't make any sense.

In some instances, (civilian) women interrogators at Gitmo partially stripped, and fondled themselves and the male prisoners, who sometimes were forced to strip in front of women. In one particularly loathsome example related by a former U.S. Army linguist, Sgt. Erik Saar, during a "60 Minutes" interview, a female interrogator put her hands in her pants, where she had hidden red ink.

She then wiped her reddened hands on the detainee's face, telling him it was menstrual blood. Again, this clearly doesn't qualify as "torture" compared to electric shock and beatings, but it's still wrong as ballet boots.


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