Sunday, May 15, 2005

'They will burn in hell for what they have done to me' Jesus Christ, and we call these people our allies? And Bush walks around hand in hand with them? This is by a Brit who was arrested by the Saudis for an Al Queda bombing, back when the Saudis used to pretend that there was no terrorism in their country.

"I was totally confused. I had no idea of what I was supposed to confess to. I tried to ask them. Their response was to start hitting me with a pick-axe handle. They beat me all over my body. They brought in a huge 22 stone Saudi to sit on me while they beat the soles of my feet. They forced a metal rod between my knees and hoisted me upside-down, and beat me on my exposed buttocks. It was excruciating."

Mr Mitchell's two torturers eventually told him they wanted him to confess to planting a bomb that had killed another Briton named Christopher Rodway. "They said my wife and son were involved too. It sounded like a joke: my son was a year old." The two interrogators were in deadly earnest. "They kept on hitting me. The only time they broke off was when they went to pray."


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