Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Left loves Abu Ghraib because it's one of the only things they have to discredit the war effort. Who would have imagined a day when the Democratic Party becomes the champion of America's enemies and tries to keep this miserable story in the headlines in order to gain some perceived political advantage.

The salient and remarkable truth here is that America has punished its own for the Abu Ghraib abuses; and it has done so even before Saddam and his henchmen have faced justice for the horrors they propagated in that same prison. More than a few good soldiers have had their careers tarnished by the media and Democratic innuendo that they somehow condoned human rights abuses. They deserve an apology. After all the evidence to the contrary, continuing to allege systematic prisoner abuse--and a coverup--by the U.S. military is itself shameful.


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