Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Michigan Review offers this list of courses to avoid at U of M. Hard to believe that nonsense like this is offered at what is considered one of the nation's finest universities.


Cult Archaeology

You already knew that people who believe that UFOs build the pyramids are nutjobs, but did you know that they are racist nutjobs? Maybe it’s just me, but people who can’t tell a pie tin on a string from a form of interplanetary transport don’t really have the mental acumen to develop a ridiculous theory for the exclusive purpose of making racist implications about the construction abilities of aboriginal peoples?

ANTHRCUL 444. Medical Anthropology.

“The concepts of ‘health’ and ‘illness’ are culturally constructed.”

I guess that I’m sneezing because the man is keeping me down. Medical school admissions should make having this on your transcript as big of a red flag as a morphine addiction and a history of kleptomania.


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