Monday, February 21, 2005

Somebody needs to lose their job over this. Some grade school teacher decided it would be a good idea for his students to send anti-war letters to soldiers. He called it a social studies lesson. I'd call it giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Most of the 21 letters Jacobs provided to The Post mentioned some support for the armed forces, if not the Iraq war, and thanked him for his service. But nine of the students made clear their distaste for the president or the war.

The letters were written as a social-studies assignment.

The JHS 51 teacher, Alex Kunhardt, did not return phone calls, but the school principal, Xavier Costello, responded with a statement:

"While we would never censor anything that our children write, we sincerely apologize for forwarding letters that were in any way inappropriate to Pfc. Jacobs. This assignment was not intended to be insensitive, but to be supportive of the men and women in service to our nation."

They would never censor what their students write? Is he serious?


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