Monday, November 01, 2004

The Goldberg File on National Review Online discussing how formerly normal people have waded into the fever swamps of the Left, like Walter Cronkite claiming that Karl Rove was behind the recent Osama tape.

Since the boys in white suits didn't immediately come out with a squeaky doggie toy and a syringe of Haldol to facilitate escorting Cronkite off the set — and since Cronkite himself has not issued a press release apologizing abjectly for his poorly delivered joke — we must accept several things as true. First, that Cronkite was serious. By which I mean not only when he let loose that incandescently dumb comment, but also in the sense that he "was" serious. As in, he is no longer serious, and his opinion should be sought no longer by wise men. I know this is an increasingly tiresome form of argumentation, but: If a conservative had said something like that during the Clinton years, he'd be the butt of jokes for the Frank Rich & Maureen Dowd School of Mockery for decades. Second, Cronkite's decades-long scorn for anyone who suggested he was a liberal should be entered into the Chutzpah Hall Of Fame. Third, someone needs to throw a bucket of water on Larry King so he doesn't let comments sail past him like that anymore.


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