Thursday, October 07, 2004

Raging Bull Mike Lacey, hardly someone I would call a conservative (and having been on the working side of more than a couple of Phoenix bars from him I'd be more inclined to call him an asshole) takes on the Left and its position on Iraq. Michael Moore gets bashed as hard as Bush does here though. At least he's an equal opportunity basher. And he pretty much repeats the John McCain position on the war. Good for him. It was worth doing, but we sure seem to have fucked it up since.

Looking like the nation's homeliest eagle scout, John Kerry snapped off a salute and announced to his convention, "Reporting for duty." George W. Bush had already embraced "Mission Accomplished" on an aircraft carrier flight deck in his apr├Ęs-combat flight suit. With each of these two nimrods trying to convince me of their warrior stones, I say, "Make mine a double."


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