Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Apologize, George W. Bush! Here's a good one on the current apology mania on the Left. That's one of the many things I don't get about our current culture. Where did this need for constant apologies come from? We are supposed to apologize for 9/11, for Iraq and everything else, and to what end? What does it accomplish for a "Nation" to apologize?

Apologize, George W. Bush, although demands for apologies amount to nothing more than a petulant demand for respect -- a respect that, in this case, we have not earned. For all of our whining and nitpicking and breast-beating, we have no better idea of how to resolve the Iraqi situation. John Kerry has no better idea. The French and Germans have no better idea. We dislike your style and we question your motives but -- despite all your shortcomings -- we can do no better. We accuse you of arrogance because you will not listen to us, but we have nothing to say. We accuse you of failing to obtain legitimacy for the war from other countries, but they have none to give. We accuse you of many things, because your vision for Iraq is indirectly a terrible accusation against our own fecklessness and folly.

Apologize, George W. Bush, even though the mistakes are ours.


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