Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Jonah Goldberg on Iraq and George Bush He nails it here, expressing my thoughts quite well. Iraq is a mess, without question. As it would have been no matter what we did. I liken it to my cancer surgery. It was bloody, painful and left a nasty scar. But without it I would have eventually died. It was something that had to be done despite the fact that it was unpleasant.

Now, it's fine to take issue with how well the war in Iraq has been handled since we committed to do it. But saying that we should have just continued with the status quo is just denying reality. The sanctions were crumbling and without them Saddam would have been fully back in business, worse than ever, and every terror group in the Middle East would have been given a green light, knowing that the civilized world would do nothing to stop them.


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