Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Good piece here on the "Bush Lied!" nonsense.

The assault on the President is based on an utterly ludicrous premise -- a phony premise, but nothing seems capable of containing its berserker fury. Many years ago, an economics professor at Queens College offered these words of wisdom to his undergraduate students: During the course of your lives, you will meet clever people who will regale you with theories, some of them greatly ingenious, explaining how the universe operates; when they get to the part that requires water to run uphill, you need to stop them.

That is what I think when I hear people say things like "Bush Lied!" We just inhabit two different planets. To imagine that Bush somehow knew that the intelligence agencies of the world were wrong and went to war anyway for some incomprehensible reason just defies explanation to me. As with most leftist thinking, it requires faith, or belief despite the absence of any evidence.


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