Thursday, April 15, 2004

A Wrong Turn, Chaos and a Rescue More on the Marines in Falluja. Sounds like an incredible battle, particularly this:

The rescue squad rushed four tanks and six Humvees to the area, where they fought their way through several blocks to reach the burning carrier. Surrounded by 25 Marine riflemen on foot, the armored vehicles advanced, firing machine guns from their turrets. Overhead, Air Force attack planes repeatedly strafed the area. Marine officials here said at least 20 insurgents were shot dead during the fighting.

"Within the first 500 meters, we were shooting 360 degrees," said Lt. Joshua Glover, 25, who commanded the rescue force. "When we finally saw the [armored personnel carrier], it was a piece of burning metal."

Firing in 360 degrees for 500 meters and not one Marine is killed. Meanwhile the jihadis lose 100. Unbelievable.


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