Thursday, April 08, 2004

There are some things that happen in Texas that just wouldn't happen somewhere else. This is one of them. It's about the guy running for a GOP seat in the Texas legislature...who likes to get dressed up. Right pretty like.

Jim, a farmer in his late 60s who would give only his first name, said he couldn't vote for a cross-dresser.

"You couldn't get a dress on me if you hog-tied me, and I might hold a woman's purse for a minute but I wouldn't carry it around very long, and most men feel the same way," said Jim, who lives just south of Burleson.

But in a town made famous for its prosecution of Joanne Webb -- awaiting trial after selling sex toys to undercover cops -- what's striking is the tolerance voters are showing.

"Everybody has their past. Clinton smoked pot. Bush had his problems with the military," said Casey King, a Burleson mother watching her toddler, Caleb, play in the McDonald's play area Wednesday. "But if I thought he was still cross-dressing, I wouldn't vote for him."

That's ol' Sam, on the right.


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