Thursday, April 01, 2004

Mark Steyn on why the NGOs and UN have bailed out of Iraq when it hasn't done so in more dangerous places like West Africa.

What’s different is the political agenda. The humanitarian touring circuit is now the oldest established permanent floating crap game. Regions such as West Africa, where there’s no pretence anything will ever get better, or the Balkans, which are maintained by the UN as the global equivalent of a slum housing project, suit the aid agencies perfectly: there’s never not a need for them. But in Iraq they’ve decided they’re not interested in staying to see the electric grid back up to capacity and the water system improved if it’s an American administration at the helm. The Big Consciences have made a political decision: that it’s not in their interest for the Bush crowd to succeed, and that calculation outweighs any concern they might have for the Iraqi people.


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