Monday, April 05, 2004

A bill full of pork This is disgraceful. There is now officially no real difference between Democrats and Republicans once they get into Congress. I am all for transportation spending but this bill is so bad I bet they could cut it in half and not touch any of the real transportation projects. It's hard to have any hope when the Republicans control all the levers of government and it not only doesn't make things better, it arguably makes things worse.

The addiction is bipartisan, thanks to the policy of the House's reigning king of pork. While House Transportation Committee Chairman Don Young has packed the bill with money for his state of Alaska, he makes sure Democrats are allocated their share of money for roads and other goodies in order to build a bipartisan majority on the floor.

Young is careful to fund the pet project of Rep. James Oberstar of Minnesota, the Transportation Committee's senior Democrat. The bill establishes Oberstar's proposed Safe Routes to School program, earmarking $1 billion to enable and encourage children to walk and bicycle to school.

As opposed to what exactly? Driving themselves? Flying?


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