Friday, March 26, 2004

This comes from the WSJ website and was submitted by a reader in response to another John Kerry story that had to do with Vietnam. Kerry was asked by the Humane Society (or some such animal protection group) if he ever had a pet and what did it mean to him. He of course told a story of how in Vietnam his crew had a dog named VC that got blown off the boat and actually landed on another boat unharmed when Kerry's boat hit a mine. This was the reader's response:

In regard to Kerry's story about how his boat crew's pet dog, VC, was catapulted by an explosion to another boat without injury, I believe I have an explanation. I believe that the dog in question was actually a coyote (appetitus voraciatus) and probably in pursuit of a road runner (velocitus extraordinarius). I have viewed several films of these animals and I am familiar with their behavior. The coyote is an expert in assembling demolition devises which he intends to use to kill the road runner, however invariably the coyote ends up the victim of his own explosions without harm to other persons. This would explain why the boat crew was uninjured.

John Kerry stated that when the crew found VC, their pet was uninjured. These coyotes have remarkable recuperative powers. Immediately after the blast, VC was probably staggering around on two legs with a black eye, bandages around the head, an arm in a sling, and some of his fur smoldering from burns but shortly after this time VC was no doubt fully healed and filling out a purchase form for two Acme speedboat rocket accelerators for his next attempt to capture or kill the road runner.

That sounds as plausible as Kerry's story.


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