Thursday, March 25, 2004

Mark Steyn again on Iraq so far. He pretty much predicted a year ago that it would be as it is today. Regarding all the calls for the UN to take over:

As for Iraq needing UN ‘legitimacy’, why not ask the people? The UN to them means decadent bureaucrats like Hans von Sponeck, the former UN co-ordinator for Iraq who the other day expressed his preference for the ‘order’ Saddam brought to the country, or the stinking sewer of the oil-for-food programme, a humanitarian intervention that turned into a money-laundering scheme for Saddam’s Western cronies. If it’s a choice between aggressive neocon optimism or the UN’s slum-landlord approach to nation-building, I know which I’ll take. Look at it this way. Which would you bet on? Iraq and Afghanistan? Or Haiti and Kosovo?

The UN has been in charge of Kosovo for about eight years now and it's little better than when they got there. How would they be an improvement for Iraq?


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