Friday, March 12, 2004

Many Spaniards think ETA is responsible. And as this shows, it is something they tried to do before.

From the first moment, everybody here pointed to ETA as the culprits. That Basque terrorist group has been killing Spaniards for more than 30 years, claiming more that 800 lives in that time (not counting these last attacks). And they have been trying to hit Madrid with a big one for some time. In February two terrorist were arrested when carrying half a ton of explosives to Madrid. In Christmas Eve they tried an operation identical to what happened yesterday. The attack was thwarted when Spanish police arrested two ETA terrorists with backpacks full of explosives aboard trains en route to Madrid.

We don't hear much about this over here, until a major event like this occurs. I'm afraid we'll be hearing more about it though in days to come.


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