Monday, March 29, 2004

Kofigate is what William Safire is calling the Iraq oil for palaces program overseen by the UN. And yet somehow having the UN approve of something is to provide legitimacy. How the hell does that work? The UN fucks up everything it touches (as most socialists will) and instead prolongs problems rather than resolving them. I'm sure we'll see all sorts of condemnation of the UN by their former friends on the Left. Sure we will.

To calm the belated uproar, Annan felt compelled to seek an "independent high-level inquiry," empowered by a Security Council resolution, as some of us called for.

Nothing doing, said France's U.N. ambassador, Jean-Marc de la Sablière. The money for the huge heist known as the Iraq-U.N. account passed exclusively through BNP Paribas. French companies led all the rest (what's French for "kickback"?), though Vladimir Putin's favorite Russian oligarchs insisted on sharing the wealth. That explains why Paris and Moscow were Saddam's main prewar defenders, and why their politicians and executives now want no inquiry they cannot control.

I'm sure that this will somehow be America's fault.


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