Thursday, March 25, 2004

I just had to post this comment from Jonah Goldberg's column today on Richard Clarke and what Bush should or shouldn't have done:

I think Bush has made some serious mistakes in the war on terror, just as FDR and Churchill probably did in World War II. But Bush's critics, including Clarke, aren't offering finely tuned complaints; they're saying the instrument is not only poorly tuned, it's stolen, the owner is corrupt and stupid, the music is all wrong and the orchestra is evil. I think that's such a batty interpretation of reality, all that's left to explain that worldview is to question their motives, as distasteful as that might be.

It's not disloyal or crazy to complain that Bush hasn't handled his job well. That is the nature of politics. People are always going to have differring opinions on what should be done and how. It's the way the dissent has been handled that is over the top. The war was "cooked up in Texas" so that Bush could look tough? That is positively insane.


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