Monday, March 29, 2004

Fouad Ajami here in the WSJ on Islam in Europe and the growing crisis that is resulting. Apologists keep insisting that Islamism is just a small part of an overall "peaceful" religion. That may be so, but that small part is controlling the rest. Europe will be the main battleground in the near future, thanks to the freedom enjoyed there by those who would end that freedom for everyone if given half a chance.

You can't agitate against Mubarak in Cairo, but you can do it from the safety of Finsbury Park in London. The ferocity of the debate in the Arab world about France's decision to limit Islamic headgear in public schools is a measure of this displaced rage. Spain may attribute the cruelty visited on it to its association with America's expedition into Iraq. But the truth is darker. Jacques Chirac may believe that he has spared France Spain's terror by sitting out the Iraq war. But he is deluded. The Islamists do not make fine distinctions in the bilad al kufr.

Islamism is a racist movement that sees us all as white people in need of killing. Isn't it amazing that the Left has allied itself with such a movement?


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