Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Khartoum Revisited, Part 2 - The only new evidence on Clinton's Sudan bombing weakens the case for it. This is another incident that Dick Clarke takes credit for and still stands behind. Considering that the CIA misidentified the Chinese embassy in Belgrade at about the same time helps this makes sense.

Lileks again on the state of campaign rhetoric. Great as always.

Former Middle East envoy critiques Richard Clarke's story Here's some interesting new info about the Dem's new hero, Dick Clarke:

In speaking to about 70 people Wednesday at Christopher Newport University, Zinni said Clarke called him "a criminal" for not firing missiles at an Afghanistan city where U.S. intelligence suggested Osama bin Laden was staying.

"I said, `I'm not shooting innocent people,' " Zinni said, referring to military information showing that missiles fired at Kandahar could kill at least 15,000 civilians.

Eventually it was confirmed that bin Laden was not in the city, Zinni said.

Oh my. That wouldn't have been good.

Photos of boy suicide-bomber reveal horrid truth A hard hitting article from amazingly enough a Canadian Muslim.

9/11 recriminations are waste of breath Bob Robb explains why being President has to be the hardest job on Earth. Nothing is ever obvious or black and white until it is, and then it's usually too late, as we see in the events leading up to 9/11. The Clinton administration can be blamed for giving Osama the impression that we wouldn't do much, since we hadn't in the past. The Bush administration can be blamed for what happened on its watch, but the problem is/was primarily in the CIA and FBI and INS bureaucracies.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Clarke's Progress - Guess who used to believe in the Iraq/al-Qaida connection? Here's Christopher Hitchens on Clarke and the current nonsense. Great as always.

Secrets of Timothy McVeigh This is a strange one. I've read other items about this and really don't know what to make of it. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it were true. The Clinton Administration closed its eyes to Iraq's involvement in the 1993 WTC bombing so I can certainly see them doing it in OKC.

Monday, March 29, 2004

David Frum weighs in on 9/11 and Bush's approach to terrorism. While Bush is no more responsible for 9/11 than I am, Frum does tag him here for his poor communications effort:

But while President Bush should get full marks for what he has done, the administration has done a worryingly bad job this week of defending its record. Why shouldn’t Condoleezza Rice, for example, testify to the 9/11 commission? The administration’s fears about separation of powers are valid enough – but the commission is not a congressional committee, it’s a blue-ribbon panel of experts from both parties. Why put yourself into a position where you have to explain why it’s OK for Rice to talk to “60 Minutes” but not to the nation’s designated investigators of the worst disaster in its modern history?

In action, the Bush administration is bold. But in communication, it is extraordinarily cautious – more afraid of saying the wrong thing than of omitting to say the right one. Calvin Coolidge said that you never have to apologize for what you don’t say – but that’s not right. The things the administration didn’t say to make its case for Iraq; the things it isn’t saying to explain why it over-ruled Richard Clarke – these omissions have been and are damaging. The more fully the Bush administration lays out its case, the more convincing that case is.

Many (like me) find that the most frustrating part of this administration. Bloggers and newspaper columnists are better at laying out the administrations case than the professionals making the big bucks to do just that.

Kofigate is what William Safire is calling the Iraq oil for palaces program overseen by the UN. And yet somehow having the UN approve of something is to provide legitimacy. How the hell does that work? The UN fucks up everything it touches (as most socialists will) and instead prolongs problems rather than resolving them. I'm sure we'll see all sorts of condemnation of the UN by their former friends on the Left. Sure we will.

To calm the belated uproar, Annan felt compelled to seek an "independent high-level inquiry," empowered by a Security Council resolution, as some of us called for.

Nothing doing, said France's U.N. ambassador, Jean-Marc de la Sablière. The money for the huge heist known as the Iraq-U.N. account passed exclusively through BNP Paribas. French companies led all the rest (what's French for "kickback"?), though Vladimir Putin's favorite Russian oligarchs insisted on sharing the wealth. That explains why Paris and Moscow were Saddam's main prewar defenders, and why their politicians and executives now want no inquiry they cannot control.

I'm sure that this will somehow be America's fault.

Goodbye, To All That: How Left Idiocies Drove Me to Flee An excellent take-down of the Left by a self-described man of the Left, Ron Rosenbaum.

Goodbye to paralysis by moral equivalence: Remind me again, was it John Ashcroft or Fidel Castro who put H.I.V. sufferers in concentration camps?

Goodbye to the deluded and pathetic sophistry of postmodernists of the Left, who believe their unreadable, jargon-clotted theory-sophistry somehow helps liberate the wretched of the earth. If they really believe in serving the cause of liberation, why don’t they quit their evil-capitalist-subsidized jobs and go teach literacy in a Third World starved for the insights of Foucault?

Goodbye to people who have demonstrated that what terror means to them is the terror of ever having to admit they were wrong, the terror of allowing the hideous facts of history to impinge upon their insulated ideology.

Fouad Ajami here in the WSJ on Islam in Europe and the growing crisis that is resulting. Apologists keep insisting that Islamism is just a small part of an overall "peaceful" religion. That may be so, but that small part is controlling the rest. Europe will be the main battleground in the near future, thanks to the freedom enjoyed there by those who would end that freedom for everyone if given half a chance.

You can't agitate against Mubarak in Cairo, but you can do it from the safety of Finsbury Park in London. The ferocity of the debate in the Arab world about France's decision to limit Islamic headgear in public schools is a measure of this displaced rage. Spain may attribute the cruelty visited on it to its association with America's expedition into Iraq. But the truth is darker. Jacques Chirac may believe that he has spared France Spain's terror by sitting out the Iraq war. But he is deluded. The Islamists do not make fine distinctions in the bilad al kufr.

Islamism is a racist movement that sees us all as white people in need of killing. Isn't it amazing that the Left has allied itself with such a movement?

Demonstrators Swarm Around Rove's Home I sure didn't see anything about this on TV. Outrageous hardly describes it. I can just imagine the media reaction if a bunch of anti-abortion protestors had surrounded James Carville's house a couple years ago. Can't you picture all the headlines about "fascism" and how "chilling" this "mob action" is?

Friday, March 26, 2004

Florence King on National Review Online writing about gay marriage- in 1996! The woman foretold the future almost exactly.

This comes from the WSJ website and was submitted by a reader in response to another John Kerry story that had to do with Vietnam. Kerry was asked by the Humane Society (or some such animal protection group) if he ever had a pet and what did it mean to him. He of course told a story of how in Vietnam his crew had a dog named VC that got blown off the boat and actually landed on another boat unharmed when Kerry's boat hit a mine. This was the reader's response:

In regard to Kerry's story about how his boat crew's pet dog, VC, was catapulted by an explosion to another boat without injury, I believe I have an explanation. I believe that the dog in question was actually a coyote (appetitus voraciatus) and probably in pursuit of a road runner (velocitus extraordinarius). I have viewed several films of these animals and I am familiar with their behavior. The coyote is an expert in assembling demolition devises which he intends to use to kill the road runner, however invariably the coyote ends up the victim of his own explosions without harm to other persons. This would explain why the boat crew was uninjured.

John Kerry stated that when the crew found VC, their pet was uninjured. These coyotes have remarkable recuperative powers. Immediately after the blast, VC was probably staggering around on two legs with a black eye, bandages around the head, an arm in a sling, and some of his fur smoldering from burns but shortly after this time VC was no doubt fully healed and filling out a purchase form for two Acme speedboat rocket accelerators for his next attempt to capture or kill the road runner.

That sounds as plausible as Kerry's story.

I want to hear again how there is no connection between Iraq and international terror.

Victor Davis Hanson on al Qaeda and America's mission. Once again, and as always, the professor gets to the core of the matter.

Jayna Davis - From Oklahoma City to the Middle East I don't know what to make of this. If there was something to it why would the Bush Administration still be sitting on the story? Why wouldn't they want to bring it up, if only to discredit the Clinton Administration for ignoring it? Still it seems there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

A great editorial from the Wall Street Journal. Bush needs to say something about the 9/11 hearings and Iraq. He needs to start making his case for re-election now. He has left the field to the Left for too long.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Richard Clarke, at War With Himself All righty then. Time Magazine has noticed a few holes in Clarke's script. Good for them.

Ann Coulter: Chair-warmer on the hot seat Coulter is a bomb thrower but she can write well, and damn she can sure be funny at times.

Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal on the 9/11 hearings. This I think really sums up one reason why 9/11 happened:

One summer day in the late 1990s I had a long talk with an elected official who was a friend and longtime political supporter of President Clinton. I asked him why, if Bill Clinton cared so much about his legacy, he didn't take steps to make America safer from terrorism. Why didn't he make it one of his big issues? We were at lunch in a New York restaurant, and I gestured toward the tables of happy people drinking golden-colored wine in gleaming glasses. They're all going to get sick when we get nuked, I said; they'd honor your guy for having warned and prepared.
Yes, the official said, but you have to understand that Clinton is purely a poll driven politician, and if the numbers aren't there he won't move.

Too bad, I thought, because the numbers will someday be there.

The lunch was off the record, and I appreciated the official's candor; he didn't try to spin me. I wasn't shocked by what he said--Mr. Clinton was a poll driven animal. But you didn't have to be psychic to know bad things were coming; you only had to be watching the world. I found myself marveling at Mr. Clinton's thinking, which in the short term was savvy and in the long term spoke of a kind of moral retardation.

Moral retardation. That sums up Clinton to a T. He was too afraid of his poll numbers dropping in the event that he might try anything daring in foreign policy, so he kept kicking the can down the road until his term ran out. Then it became someone else's problem.

Excellent piece from Ralph Peters, a retired Army major, on the war on terrorism. He says Democrats (once they return to power) will have to run the war pretty much the same way Republicans would. I don't think they realize that.

I just had to post this comment from Jonah Goldberg's column today on Richard Clarke and what Bush should or shouldn't have done:

I think Bush has made some serious mistakes in the war on terror, just as FDR and Churchill probably did in World War II. But Bush's critics, including Clarke, aren't offering finely tuned complaints; they're saying the instrument is not only poorly tuned, it's stolen, the owner is corrupt and stupid, the music is all wrong and the orchestra is evil. I think that's such a batty interpretation of reality, all that's left to explain that worldview is to question their motives, as distasteful as that might be.

It's not disloyal or crazy to complain that Bush hasn't handled his job well. That is the nature of politics. People are always going to have differring opinions on what should be done and how. It's the way the dissent has been handled that is over the top. The war was "cooked up in Texas" so that Bush could look tough? That is positively insane.

Mark Steyn again on Iraq so far. He pretty much predicted a year ago that it would be as it is today. Regarding all the calls for the UN to take over:

As for Iraq needing UN ‘legitimacy’, why not ask the people? The UN to them means decadent bureaucrats like Hans von Sponeck, the former UN co-ordinator for Iraq who the other day expressed his preference for the ‘order’ Saddam brought to the country, or the stinking sewer of the oil-for-food programme, a humanitarian intervention that turned into a money-laundering scheme for Saddam’s Western cronies. If it’s a choice between aggressive neocon optimism or the UN’s slum-landlord approach to nation-building, I know which I’ll take. Look at it this way. Which would you bet on? Iraq and Afghanistan? Or Haiti and Kosovo?

The UN has been in charge of Kosovo for about eight years now and it's little better than when they got there. How would they be an improvement for Iraq?

Reason Magazine takes on the Clarke allegations. You can't claim these guys are just shills for the Bush Administration. This is a particularly crucial point:

Iraq always was essential to the anti-terrorism battle precisely because victory there was regarded as necessary to transform societies from where terrorists, spawned by suffocating regimes, had emerged. One can disagree with the practicability of such a strategy, but it is difficult to fault its logic.

It's the logic of "drain the swamp, don't just shoot the alligators." The alternative is shooting alligators for generations to come.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Religion of Peace at its finest.

"They told me that this was the only way, and they promised that my mother would get one hundred shekels if I did this," Husam told his captors.

The "only way" he's referring to is the planners told him the only way he would ever be able to have sex would be with the 72 virgins he would get in Paradise, which to the Muslim world is apparently an enormous whore house. Incidently, the 100 shekels he got for this attempt is worth about $22.00.

Clarke Praises Bush Team in '02 So once again the question is, was he lying then or is he lying now?

It seem the Left in Spain is just as dishonest as ours. Here the outgoing Prime Minister of Spain lays out what really happened in Madrid. It's a bit different that the story the Socialists were spinning. What a surprise.

This describes all the 20/20 hindsight at work today. All the Dems currently claiming Bush dropped the ball on Al Queda would have thought he was absolutely insane had he gone into Afghanistan prior to 9/11 and would have done everything in their power to stop him. Looking backward everyone can see what should have been done. And if only I had bought a lottery ticket with the right numbers I'd be a millionaire.

Professor Hanson on how the world has changed in the past 45 years or so. Great piece. I wish I had profs like him in college.

Clarke's Lie I don't know if this post will stick around for long but it's a good summary of Clarke's credibility problem from a blog called Balloon Juice.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Richard Clarke's misfire And yet another "scandal" fails to stick to the wall. If your argument isn't working, change sides and argue the opposite. Bush is a warmonger who did nothing about terrorism. Huh? Bush was so obsessed with getting Saddam that he spent more than two years toppling the Taliban in Afghanistan, rounding up top members of Al Queda, going to the UN to get a unanimous resolution demanding Saddam come clean after ignoring the previous 16 resolutions, and then building a coalition of dozens of countries for a war in Iraq. Yeah, he's a regular Captain Ahab.

Maybe in the long run Israel will be better off with Yassin dead. They'll pay a price in the short run though. BUt as this aarticle shows, the Pals leadership does react to being targeted for death.

The more I read about Dick Clarke the more ridiculous he sounds. He'll still get the red carpet treatment though because he says what the media wants to hear.

Politicized intelligence . . . So this is the new hero of the left who's going to blow the lid off of the 9/11 hearings, huh? Looks like they lose again.

The little shahid This makes a good point. Why don't we hear more about this story? If the ethnicities were reversed it would be all over the place. Do we expect this sort of behavior from Arabs? Is this not news anymore?

We tried appeasement once before... Mark Steyn again with a great one.

Among all the foolish apologists for the murderers of Madrid, it was the Reverend Mark Beach who happened to catch my eye. Preaching at St Andrew's Church, Rugby, nine days ago, Mr Beach said: "The people of Madrid are reaping the fruits of our intolerance towards those of different races and religions. The war in Iraq was never going to solve the problems of that region but instead inflamed Arab people all over the world to new heights of anger towards the West."

God Almighty. The sooner the Potemkin Church of England is sold for scrap the better. Almost every word of Mr Beach's is false; there are mosques in the English Midlands, but no Christian churches in Saudi Arabia. Its official tourism commission lists among prohibited categories of visitor "Jewish persons".

Why this myth of Western intolerance still exists in the face of all that is known about the Arab world is really mystifying.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Holidays in Hell Funny stuff on how the British tabloids handled the return of five detainees from Gitmo. Classic.

On Richard Clarke I think the problem Clarke is going to find is that too much of what has been said before has been written down and can be used against him now. This guy is a political hack.

Major Palestinian Terror Attacks Since Oslo Here's a run down of all the good Sheik Yassin, the "spiritual leader" of Hamas, has done since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993. Here's a direct quote from the holy man hisself, taken from Martin Kramer's website:

The theological legacy of the late Sheikh Ahmad Yassin is summarized by this quote, from an interview he gave in August 2001: "The Geneva Convention protects civilians in occupied territories, not civilians who are in fact occupiers.... All of Israel, Tel Aviv included, is occupied Palestine. So we're not actually targeting civilians—that would go against Islam." That pretty much encapsulates the contribution of the Hamas "spiritual leader" to Islamic spirituality.

How does Israel negotiate its very existence? It can't, any more than we can.

9/11: For The Record Condoleeza Rice takes on Clarke. His criticisms don't stand up for very long, though I'm sure he'll have lots of help over the next several days.

This article takes a harsher view of Clarke and his motives for attacking Bush over Al Queda and Iraq. I don't think this crap will stick any more than Joe Wilson's.

Lileks on Saturday's protests. First of all, what are they protesting? Besides America in general I mean? The war is mostly over, things are slowly improving. I guess we can't have that if it means Bush might win another term.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Richard Clarke's Legacy of Miscalculation An alternate view of 60 Minutes hero Richard Clarke, the textbook disgruntled former employee.

This sums it up nicely. Iraq isn't the problem. They want to kill us for so many other reasons invading Iraq is just one thing on the list. For Europeans (and confused Americans) to think that they will be on the Arab's "good guys" list for having opposed the war in Iraq is proof that people can convince themselves of anything despite ample evidence to the contrary.

Friday, March 19, 2004

War to the death Here an Australian view on the war. He makes some excellent points, particularly here:

And when we ask al-Qaida and its henchmen why they hate us, their story keeps changing.

In 1998, Osama bin Laden ordered all Muslims to wage war on the allies of America, which had sinned by having bases in Saudi Arabia and backing the Jews of Israel.

In 2001, he condemned us because we'd sent "Crusader Australian forces ... to separate East Timor, which is part of the Islamic world".

In 2002, the chief plotter of the Bali bombing, Imam Samudra, said that while he'd killed 88 of us because of East Timor, he'd also expected his victims to be Americans instead -- but "Australians, Americans, whatever -- they are all white people".

In 2003, Bali bomber Amrozi said what was evil about Australians was that "they take our people to bars".

And now bin Laden says he hates us because we've since freed Afghanistan and toppled Saddam.

To those saying that war in Iraq has made terrorism worse (Hans Blix), what do they have to say about all this? They want to kill us and don't need a real reason.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Remarks by the Vice President at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum Dick Cheney takes on Kerry in a speech. He hits him hard, and deservedly so, on national security.

The Gospel According to the Loony Left Here's a good one. The best part is, I bet there will be a lot of people who read it who don't realize that it's satire.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

This editorial from the Jerusalem Post explains the stakes. They would know best what we are dealing with. This is a world war that we cannot afford to lose. Comments coming out of Europe in the wake of the Madrid bombing make me wonder if some don't alread y want to surrender.

Europe Faces a New Era After Madrid it appears that Europe may be catching on to what we're up against. One can only hope. They can take the French approach and keep feeding their friends to the crocs, hoping that they'll be eaten last. Or they can go out and kill the crocs.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Well, whatta ya know, Iraq was all about oil after all. The French were determined to prop up Saddam no matter what in order to get their hands on Iraq's oil.

Yeah, we definitely need to give them a country. Look what those bastard Israelis made the Palestinians do now.

The Spanish Response The Washington Post discovers unilateralism.

Paul Krugman, Bush, Jobs & Lies This shows how little the average person understands about economics. I heard on the radio this morning that some 60% of people polled think the country is "on the wrong track," what ever the hell that means. The economy is doing great yet people think it isn't. The Dems are counting on that ignorance.

Here's a "tribute" to Rachel Corrie. Though it ain't the kind of tribute you'll read in the Seattle papers. This one's from an Israeli. Ouch.

The Spanish dishonoured their dead The vote in Spain shows that when it comes to this fight we're on our own, with the possible exception of the Brits and the Aussies. In another article one Spaniard was quoted as saying "Maybe after we pull our troops out of Iraq Al Queda will forget about Spain and we can be less frightened." There's a line to be engraved on your tombstone.

Monday, March 15, 2004

MY HELL IN CAMP X-RAY You can't find much better comedy than this. This is what the Brits call journalism.

These guys want to kill us anyway I hope the Spaniards don't think that they will be off the hook by allowing terrorism to dictate their foreign policy. Once the entire country converts to conservative Islam and becomes the new Taliban state then maybe, but until then they will still be targets, just like the rest of us.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Victor Davis Hanson on Iraq As usual, Victor is an eloquent voice of sanity.

Many Spaniards think ETA is responsible. And as this shows, it is something they tried to do before.

From the first moment, everybody here pointed to ETA as the culprits. That Basque terrorist group has been killing Spaniards for more than 30 years, claiming more that 800 lives in that time (not counting these last attacks). And they have been trying to hit Madrid with a big one for some time. In February two terrorist were arrested when carrying half a ton of explosives to Madrid. In Christmas Eve they tried an operation identical to what happened yesterday. The attack was thwarted when Spanish police arrested two ETA terrorists with backpacks full of explosives aboard trains en route to Madrid.

We don't hear much about this over here, until a major event like this occurs. I'm afraid we'll be hearing more about it though in days to come.

Mark Steyn on Spain. He thinks it was Al Queda. Comments like this would tend to confirm that.

As Hussein Massawi, former leader of Hezbollah, neatly put it, "We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you."

They don't care who they kill, as long as they can kill someone.

This is disturbing and hard to argue with. We have paid, and will continue to pay, a price for our involvement with these rats over the years. The last thing the Saudi's want is a president who means what he says and does what he says he will. Bush is a threat to them, so up goes the price of gas in an election year.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Another great piece from Lileks. The fact that Kerry thought it was a selling point for his candidacy that foreigners wanted him to win over Bush tells you all you need to know about where his priorities would be as president. If you worry more about appeasing your rivals (because let's face it, countries don't have friends, they have interests) than doing what's right for your country then you are setting yourself up for a fall.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Devious Plot Sometimes the Hollywood Left is so stupid it defies ridicule. This is one of those times.

This is too much. I want to hear someone on the left please explain to me why this isn't the height of hypocracy. Is Kerry even slightly embarrased by things like this? Or does he know that the mainstream media will give him a pass?

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I can only imagine the outrage if it was revealed that the NRA or Richard Mellon Scaife was behind an attack on Kerry. It would be front page news and would lead the mainstream newscasts with "concerns" or "troubled" or "chilling" in the lead and go on to excoriate the "special interest" money that is corrupting American politics.

Peter Kirsanow on Florida & Election 2004 It's sad but I really don't think any of what he discusses here matters anymore. Facts are stubborn things as they say, but seldom make much of a difference to the demagogues who own the Democrat Party and the news media that lets them say things unchallenged. The Dems agreed-upon story is that Bush "stole" the election in Florida and nothing can be allowed to contradict that. Facts be damned.

It's been said before, but articles like this one help to remind you that if the shoe were on the other foot, and Palestinians were in control of a large number of Israelis, there would not be a large number of Israelis. The Pals want to wipe them out to the last man, woman or child. This is something more Americans need to realize:

As a result of Israel's offering to allow the PLO control over the West Bank and Gaza, and Israel's willingness to acquiesce in Palestinian statehood in the medium run, the PLO and its affiliates have murdered 1,300 Israelis, most of them civilians and many of them children, since foreswearing the use of violence. Proportionate to population, this is like 22 September 11ths for the United States. The world has grown so accustomed to the daily news reports of Palestinian barbarism that most have lost their shock value.

Think of that. If we had experienced the level of terrorism that Israel has since 1994 the death toll would be like 9/11 happening 22 times. Somehow I doubt that we would have handled it as well as Israel has.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Repressing 9-11 This is a must read. I got the same impression (of a willfull ignorance) from listening to the Dems during the few minutes I could stomach listening to their debates. To listen to these people it's as if 9/11 never happened. The war in Iraq was to make Bush look presidential and tough and to provide money making opportunities for his cronys. No other reason. They make statements about how Bush ran against the idea of nation building yet here we are in Iraq nation building. 9/11 is never mentioned as a possible reason why he changed.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Tony Blair gave a speech yesterday in which he defended his decision to go to war in Iraq. I wish Bush would do it as well as Blair does here. Wait a minute, if Bush is telling Blair was to say and do, how come Blair says it so much better?

The Real Two Americas I keep waiting to hear from the "Republican Attack Machine" (which would be a great name for a band by the way) after listening to the Democrat Attack Machine for the last several months. The only negative campaining I hear has been coming from the left.

Andrew Sullivan on how American is splitting into two different countries. He points to gay marriage and The Passion and the two different reactions to them to illustrate the point. The Right sees gay marriage as such a threat it must be stopped at all costs, even to the point of amending the Constitution to stop it. The same people (for the most part) think The Passion is the most important film ever made and that somehow life as we know it has changed because of it.

Then there are people like me. I don't understand the fear of gay marriage at all. I cannot for the life of me figure out how my marriage of nearly 20 years will be somehow diminished if two gay men or lesbians want to legally formalize their relationship with a publicly recognized ceremony. My next door neighbor's standard marriage has no effect on mine, so how could a gay marriage?

I also have no interest in seeing The Passion. From the reviews and articles about it that I've read it sounds so over the top violent that I decided that it is something I wouldn't want to see. Maybe if I were religious and Christ meant something to me I'd feel different, but I'm not and he doesn't. I simply can't understand how I am responsible for the crucifixion of someone who lived 2,000 years ago, regardless of whether he is the Son of God, or not. That theology is something I left behind years ago.

So despite agreeing with most every other aspect of the Republican position (though I also seem to be a bit more supportive of environmental issues) here is where I leave the party behind. I've heard terms like "South Park Republicans" for social liberals/fiscal conservatives. Maybe we should form our own party and let the Christians have theirs.

Victor Davis Hanson on War & Election 2004 VDH puts a more positive spin on it here. I hope he's right. And I hope most people see it his way in November.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Who's AWOL now? Mark Steyn is apparently the only sane Canadian writing today. Another beauty on what really matters in the coming election.

Entitlement of Silence The scary part about this column from George Will is that no one will have the courage to do anything about it until the problem is so bad we have to do something drastic. Politicians will always put demonization of their opponents over accomplishment every time. The quote below illustrates the problem. Social Security is essentially a welfare program. You may pay into it while you work, but you collect much more than you pay do to the program's poor rate of return. The additional problem with recipients like Mrs. Fuller is that she never worked so she never even contributed to the fund, yet collected from it. As these number show, that's unsustainable.

On Jan. 31, 1940, a check, number 00-000-001, for $22.54 was issued to Ida May Fuller of Ludlow, VT., making her the first recipient of recurring monthly Social Security payments. Then, in an act of dubious citizenship, she lived to 100, dying in January 1975, having received $22,000 in benefits. That did not matter because in 1940 there were 42 workers for every retiree. Today there are 3.2 to 1. In 2030 there will be 2.2 to 1.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

James Lileks on who our enemies want to see win. The Islamists hate GWB almost as much as the Dems do. They would be dancing in the streets to see him out of office and Kerry going back to Clinton era business as usual let's leave this to the UN approach to terrorism. Already I'm reading that N. Korea is going to run out the clock on talks to disband their nuke program and wait to see if Kerry pulls it off. They know he won't play hard ball with them.

Betrayed by Europe: An Expatriate's Lament Hard hitting article about the rise of anti-Semitism in France, written by an American who's lived there since 1972.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

This addresses the disconnect between the Dem's rhetoric and reality. They keep talking about this devastated wasteland we're all living in that used to be known as America before GWB became president. Now the average Americans stand in lines outside the soup kitchens, maybe sell a few apples to make ends meet, while their barefoot children, with their distended little bellies cry from the pangs of hunger that keep them from even attending the crumbling shell of what once was their school. I see them everyday as I drive past in my limo on the way to lunch at the club. Their campaigns would even be over the top for 1932, but for 2004 they sound ridiculous. I wonder if anyone's buying?

Monday, March 01, 2004

Here's more from our allies the French. France is a country that has admitted to using terrorist methods against Greenpeace when that organization was protesting a French nuclear test in the south Pacific. The blew up the ship Rainbow Warrior and killed a Greenpeace photographer. So why should we be surprised that they would do things like what is described in the article?