Wednesday, January 07, 2004

This is interesting. When it comes to WMD and what Iraq did with them, I guess the Russians would know, wouldn't they, since they helped create them in the first place. Since the article I originally linked to on Strategy Page is about to go away here is the relevant part below:

Iraq's weapons of mass destruction remain missing. Although American national security was undoubtedly strengthened because of the success of the Iraq War, the failure to find banned weapons limited this success. As a result many people are asking where these weapons are.

The Iraqi preparations to hide the WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction, chemical, nuclear and biological weapons) were enormous. Hidden in civilian homes, mosques, man-made lakes, in sealed wells, and under the desert, the WMDs couldn't be used, not in the way we imagined. They were used as psychological warfare weapons.

Many countries, particularly Russia, may have had a role in hiding these weapons, because some countries' governments and major businesses participated in Iraq's illegal activities. It is well-known that Russia had military advisors in Baghdad shortly before the war began.

Ion Pacepa, the highest-ranking East Bloc defector, wrote of how the Soviet Union developed "Emergency Exit" plans, in which Russia would assist rogue states to make their illegal programs disappear. The plan called for dumping some weapons in the sea, destroying others, and also waging an intense propaganda campaign against the politicians and countries that claimed the rogue state had banned weapons.

Although all technical documentation and research would be preserved, the disappearance of the weapons would frustrate the West by not giving them anything they could make propaganda with. Yevgeny Primakov, one of the Russians that told Pacepa about the plan, went to Iraq and advised Saddam Hussein in the months before the war.


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